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Gladys remembers a very different park, with a band playing in the band stand, while football teams from the local pubs continued their tournaments for local victory. Look at the difference between these photographs - the first is from a postcard…

We have featured some wonderful original features of the Burnage Corporation Houses - the ceiling rack for example. But who remembers the doors? You could choose which colour to have your door painted, look at the blues of these doors! What…

Ann remembers her father getting dressed up to go to the pub on a Sunday, is this something your parents did? Do you visit the same drinking holes now?

Hans Renold was the inventor of the roller chain. Having found great success in smaller premises, he sought to build a larger factory and began work building in Burnage in 1906.An early champion of worker’s rights, he was one of the first employers…

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Burnage: a place called home

Burnage: a place called home is an eighteen month celebration of the history and stories of the Manchester Corporation's housing estates built in the 1920s and 30s. Why were they built? How were they built? Who moved here? How did they transform this blank canvas into a community? We'll be running a series of Heritage Lottery Funded activities over the course of the programme exploring these questions, sharing our findings with the people of Burnage. Why not get involved too?  Read more About Us